Posted by: heathercl | August 31, 2010

Fifth Sunday Sing

The churches in our area meet together on every Sunday of the year that is the 5th Sunday of a month, for a time of sharing singing talents to praise the Lord together and fellowship. This month was our church’s turn to host it so I made a couple of things to add to the food for afterward – lemon poppy seed zucchini bread and whole wheat cinnamon graham squares. The zucchini bread called for whole wheat pastry flour, which I didn’t have, so I just did two thirds all purpose and one third wheat for the zucchini bread. In the whole wheat cinnamon graham squares, I also substituted the regular oats for “soaked and ready” oats for the first time (I’ve made the recipe unaltered several times before). Both turned out pretty well!

Posted by: heathercl | August 31, 2010

Re-Enterering the Blogosphere

So, rather than starting a completely new blog (if I did so, it would be my…let’s see…fifth address?), I’m simply going to start afresh here! I’ve deleted my outdated, few and far between posts, and am going to attempt entering into the blogosphere once more. My main reason for doing so is that my status updates have gradually but consistently growing too verbose for Facebook’s 420 character limit.